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Finding the Best Commercial Contractor for the Job

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

With the construction boom going on in Nashville, it seems commercial contractors are a dime a dozen, and while there are plenty of them, they certainly aren’t all the same. That’s why it’s important to fully vet your options before that dime turns into lost dollars and wasted time.

ACS Commercial Roofing is a full-service, multi-state commercial roofing company with offices in Nashville and Johnson City, Tennessee. They have a longstanding reputation in Nashville, and were kind enough to share five important things to consider when choosing a commercial contractor or vendor.


Always check online reviews, Better Business Bureau ratings and requests references from other businesses who’ve used them. Also, look for a project portfolio and testimonials on their website. This will help you get a feel for the scope of work they do and clients they’ve previously worked with (See example from ACS here).


Go local whenever possible. Having longstanding ties among businesses in your community gives a commercial contractor an edge. They’ll understand nuances specific to businesses and the area that others may not. Plus, independent contractors have a local reputation to uphold and are invested in the community, whereas a franchise may be able to rely more on its national reputation than quality work locally.


Prospective contractors or vendors should have the credentials to back up their work and protect your investment. Before making a final decision, find out if they are bonded and request copies of all necessary licenses to work in Nashville. This includes proof of general liability and workers comp insurance. For added peace of mind, check their credentials with top manufacturers in the industry. For example, ACS authorized installers of Carlisle, GAF, Versico, GE, Progressive Materials and more.


Any commercial contractor or vendor worth their salt understands the investment property owners and managers are making; that’s why the pricing, terms and warranty should be clear when you receive a quote. The contractor will also expect transparency from you to better understand your needs and budget to determine the best solution.

Safety & Training

Safety is key, and it’s important that your contractor agrees. Ask prospective contractors about the safety protocols they employ, including company policies regarding COVID-19. In addition to safety, anyone working on your property should be highly skilled in their craft and stay abreast of the latest innovations in the industry. Find out about ongoing training and how they as a company keep up-to-date with the latest industry innovations and best practices.

Bonus Tip: Choose a Partner, Not a Price

This one’s so important because it’s not just about getting the bid or the sale; or at least it shouldn’t be. Be wary of commercial contractors or vendors that submit a bid for a lower price than the other contractors. Also take note if they push for a particular product without a true understanding of your needs.

This is key, especially when making longer-term decisions like a new roof. A roof is not a commodity; it’s an asset to your business. That’s why ACS partners with their clients throughout the lifecycle of their roof and takes the time to get to know their properties.

ACS Commercial Roofing is the leading installer of High Solids Silicone in the state of Tennessee, and have specialized in helping real estate owners keep their roofing costs in check since 2016.

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