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What Makes A Good Elevator Pitch

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Mastering your self introduction is vital for client facing positions, and an important life skill we all need.

First Impressions Matter & Time is of the Essence!

You have 30-60 seconds to peak the interest of a prospective client, employer, or mentor. You need a memorable "elevator pitch" that entices them to engage in further conversation or commit to meeting one-on-one in the near future.


  1. Who are you and who do you work for?

  2. What is your position, role, purpose, and what makes you special?

  3. Where are you located / where do you conduct business?

  4. Why are you approaching them? Why is it worth their time to connect?

  5. Close - Get their contact information with the intent to set a date/time to connect one-on-one.


Your pitch will vary depending on the prospect (client, employee, networking contact, mentor). So find out who they are, what they do, and how connecting is mutually beneficial before you pitch.


  • Dress to impress.

  • Practice your elevator pitch in font of colleagues who will give your constructive feedback at our Pitch Practice + Happy Hour on 3/29.

  • Know your elevator pitch like the back of your hand and keep it under 60 seconds.

  • Be you. How you pitch should reflect your personality.

  • Get THEIR contact info, and follow up timely.

  • Connect on LinkedIn.

  • Keep it short & sweet. Then, Close.

  • Did your close lead to a one-on-one? Hand written thank you notes stand out. Send one within 24 hours.

Example 1 - Alexa from CRE615 introduces herself to the amazing Sherry Deutschmann who she wants to keynote the next CRE Changemakers Summit:

Hi Sherry, my name is Alexa Barnett, I'm the co-founder of CRE615. We're a networking, organization for Nashville's next generation of commercial real estate professionals. We recently hosted the Changemakers Summit for 200+ members, and Tony Giarratana was the keynote. Our goal is 300 attendees for the next Summit. You are the true definition of what it means to be a powerful woman in Nashville, and your story really resonates with our members. *HARD CLOSE* So, what do we have to do to get you to keynote the next Summit?

***Alexa has NOT had the pleasure of meeting Sherry yet - this is a dream scenario / example for learning purposes***

Example 2 - A General Contractor introduces themself to an Architect they want to work with:

Bob: Hey Archie, my name is Bob Bobert. You're with Green Archs right?

Archie: Yes, I am!

Bob: I've follow Green Archs's work on LinkedIn, you're fantastic. I'm a GC and owner of Bob the Builder Group. We focus on energy efficient projects similar to yours. We actually just finished the new solar powered soccer stadium in Bobsville. *CLOSE* Could I get your business card? We should grab lunch next week, I need to learn more about Green Archs's.

Example 3 - A young professional introduces themself to a more established professional & potential mentor:

Hi Henry, my name is Elizabeth Windsor, I'm the VP of Business Development for Queen96 Furnishings. We specialize in high end installations, and recently completed the Royal Hotel project. I've heard incredible things about the work you've done to expand VIII's U.S. presence, what inspired you to get into the industry?

*Henry Answers, Elizabeth respond thoughtfully.*

*CLOSE* Could I buy you a coffee or cocktail next week? I'd love to pick your brain about an expansion plan I'm working on.


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