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Welcoming 2022: A Note from the Editor

Happy New Year CRE615 Family!

Welcoming in a new year is always exciting. Every new year I find myself clad with vision boards, lists of goals, and a newfound dedication to make the upcoming year better than the last. My optimistic, and sometimes wildly unrealistic, list of goals always seem so promising the first few weeks of the new year. As January progressed, the reality of adding twenty new life-altering goals to an already crowded schedule began to set in. While new resolutions and pages of goals are exciting, realistically balancing them with everyday tasks can be overwhelming.

This year, I’m focusing on simplicity. This is where my one resolution for the CRE615 2022 blog comes into play (that I’ve conveniently decided to drag all of you in on). My goal for the 2022 CRE615 blog is to learn and share something each month that can be practically applied to each readers' life and fosters professional growth. I know… at first glance, this goal seems underwhelming. I thought so too at first. However, I’ve realized a general theme in success stories that I believe to be noteworthy- no step forward is insignificant. In fact, it’s the small steps forward that need to be celebrated to keep actively moving towards our larger goals.

It’s easy to get so caught up in a grand vision for one’s personal life or career. Constantly focusing on the big picture can cause us to forget the many baby steps in between that are required to reach big goals. While baby steps of growth aren’t always flashy, they offer consistent movement forward. And in development, consistency is king.

In celebration of small steps forward, the CRE615 blog will focus on learning one new thing a month that can be applied to each reader’s professional development journey. Starting next month, we will be welcoming some of CRE’s best and brightest minds to the stage and featuring their advice for growth. My hope is that each month, readers will walk away with tangible advice that has helped shape the journey of Nashville’s top CRE influencers.

I’m truly looking forward to the opportunity to glean advice and insight from our contributors and hope you are too! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to “volunteer” you all into this resolution of growth through learning in 2022. I’m confident that with small, intentional steps forward, each one of you will make 2022 one for the books.

Wishing you all the very best this year,

Sarah Huls, CRE615 Blog Master

PS- We have next month’s blog in the final stages of editing and let me tell you…It’s certainly something to get excited about. Can’t wait for you all to read it next month!

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