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Time Management Tips from a Pro

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Elam Freeman is the founder and principal broker of Ojas. She is a recipient of Nashville’s 30 Under 30 Award and Nashville Emerging Leader Award. She is also an ICSC Next Gen Chair for the State of TN, Vice President of the Board of Directors at Walk/Bike Nashville, Chair for the Nashville Pepperdine Alumni Chapter, and sits on the Alumni Board at Harding Academy. Elam is an active member in the Neighborhood which she resides, Wedgewood Houston, and is a 200-hour certified Registered Yoga Teacher. Elam is known for her time management skills and was kind enough to share some insights with us.

Q. What should professionals just starting out in real estate do to build effective time management skills?

A. Treat your calendar and to do list as one in the same. This will help you keep track of deadlines and execute on deliverables within a timely manner. Be cognizant of clients or colleagues that ramble, and plan ahead how much time you have to spend with someone. Communicate the timeframe at the beginning of the meeting or conversation. Don’t assume that client entertainment or “field work” counts as working hours. These activities are less meaningful if they are not accompanied with follow up and follow through.

Q. What tools or apps do you use and why?

  • G Suite because it serves as a central database and integrates email, calendar, and other tools I use on a daily basis all in one place.

  • Our team has also recently started using Asana which will be crucial to keeping our work flow organized as we grow.

  • We use CommissionTrac and QuickBooks for accounting.

Q. What advice would you give to young professionals in our industry?

A. Take control of your own destiny. Be intentional from the beginning about forming your professional board of advisors and continually seek feedback from them.

Q. What are your interests/hobbies outside of real estate?

A. I love traveling to different cities, working out at boutique fitness studios, trying new restaurants, and visiting highly designed places. I am also a certified yoga instructor. Thankfully all of these activities integrate with my work. I am fortunate that my hobbies/ passions inform my work in both direct and indirect ways.

Ojas is a multi-faceted commercial real estate firm providing clients specialized solutions via their unique in-house skill set. Their service offerings include Project Leasing & Advisory, Growth Strategy & Site Selection, Buyer & Seller Representation, and Marketing & Branding. Ojas creates sustainable value for their partners through a proactive and intentional approach.

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